500 days left until Windows XP end of support, will organizations upgrade in time?

As we all know, Windows XP is reaching its end of support, which means Microsoft will not offer patches or any security fixes. As a matter of fact, there are only 500 days left until the end of support for Windows XP. The biggest question is, will organizations upgrade from Windows XP in time?

Beginning April 8th of 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide hotfixes, updates, or patches for Windows XP (or even Office 2003 for that matter). For the longest time now, Windows XP has reigned as the top Windows operating system in terms of market share. Well, not anymore. According to data from Net Applications, Windows XP is no longer number one. Instead, Windows 7 is now the top operating system. But according to even more startling data, there are 40.7% of users still on Windows XP. “That’s around 500 million users, so to make the deadline, we’ll need to upgrade a million users a day, including weekends,” the report adds. Will organizations make the upgrade in time?

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