5 days left to play NHL 16’s EA Sports Hockey League beta

5 days left to play NHL 16's EA Sports Hockey Leauge beta

Fans of EA’s NHL games can get early access to the unreleased NHL 16 online multiplayer for a limited time. The full game will be out on September 15th but until August 7th gamers can get a sneak peek at the game. However, as Major Nelson lays out, not just anyone gets to play the game early. To gain access, there are a few requirements. First this opportunity only stands for Xbox One owners, and you either need EA Access or have access codes since upgrading from the NHL 15 on the 360.

While many gamers are not pleased with developers pushing out unfinished games, this situation is a good compromise where EA lets their subscribers access betas at no extra charge. There is no word if EA will use this limited beta to gather data about gameplay to help balance the game before release but that would make sense. Testing games in large betas helps developers find and fix bugs which may have been hard to find without a larger sample size of players. Hopefully, EA keeps using EA Access as a way of involving their customers in betas without making them pay to test games. In order to grab the beta, select it from within the EA Access app and it will start downloading!

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