There are 150 million plus monthly active devices using Edge, Microsoft says at Edge Summit

Edge Summit 2016 is officially underway and on display at the event is what’s next for the web platform that powers Windows 10, straight from the engineers who build it.

At the event, Microsoft has announced that there are over 150 million-plus monthly active devices using Edge.  The statistics behind the Monthly Active Devices data comes from internal data and shows actual usage numbers.  Ultimately, the data displays a more accurate representation of usage since the browser first launched 8 months ago.

150 million devices using Edge

Over 150 million devices connect to Edge each month

Along with this, Microsoft also showcased some other third party statistics for Edge. Data from Net applications showed that Edge’s browsing share has doubled from January to February 2016. In addition, Microsoft offered up a comparison to Google Chrome’s launch in 2008. The company showed off that Edge has seen similar desktop usage share to Chrome’s in a similar 8 month launch period.

Meanwhile, in 8 months since launch, Microsoft also detailed that it has released 12 (silent behind the scenes) updates to Edge. These reliability focused updates added 128 new features, 6,527 bug fixes.

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