What is Windows Patch Tuesday, and why is it important?

Shaant Minhas

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Patch Tuesday is the unofficial jargon in the tech industry that refers to updates released by giants like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. In the case of Microsoft, Patch Tuesdays refer to the Windows updates released every second Tuesday of each month. It’s also known as the “B” release inside Microsoft. 

What is Windows Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday, also called ‘Update Tuesday,’ comes with a series of patches that update your Windows operating system and other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Office, and so on. 

Most Patch Tuesday updates involve fixing various security vulnerabilities of your Windows system. It’s therefore essential that you don’t skip this update. 

The update is pushed on the second Tuesday of every month at about 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. It’s also interesting that all the updates are not released on Path Tuesdays all at once; some of them are released a few days later. These updates are therefore known as “out-of-band” updates and include with it all updates that aren’t system critical.       

What’s so special about Patch Tuesday?

While updates for Patch Tuesday—like most software updates—are not mandatory or necessary to run on your system itself per se, if you don’t install them, however, your Windows will naturally become susceptible to security loopholes and bugs over time.

So, if you haven’t manually disabled automatic updates, your patches will begin downloading on their own through the Windows Update

However, if you can’t install the updates through this standard method, you can move to the Microsoft Update Catalog. However, if you haven’t installed it yet, then jump to the following process and get your update straight from Microsoft Update Catalog—the only place to get all your Windows updates in a single place. 

Just head to the website, type in the update name, and download it without any hassles. 

All about Windows Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday is one of Microsoft’s many ways to make your Windows experience more seamless. Moreover, if you’re getting regular updates through Patch Tuesday, you’ll be that much more secure against random security loopholes that keep popping up from time to time.