How to move the OneDrive folder to another drive in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

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Even with the large amount of data that you can store on Microsoft’s cloud, the OneDrive folder itself takes up space on your computer. If you want to move your OneDrive folder to a location other than the C drive, Gabe Aul has outlined the steps to do so.

On Twitter Gabe was asked about moving the OneDrive folder and explained that all you need to do is “Right click OneDrive in Taskbar > Settings > Unlink > Then launch OneDrive again and you’ll be able to pick a new location.”

Aside from making better use of the space available on other drives, some users prefer to have as little data as possible on their C Drive, opting to have their operating system and as few other files as possible on it. Being able to easily move the OneDrive folder allows them to lose less data if they perform a clean install.

With the news that you can perform a clean install after updating to Windows 10, being able to keep the OneDrive folder on another drive will make performing that clean install even easier, although you’ll still have to go through the steps to point OneDrive to the new location all over again, once the new installation is in place.

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