Microsoft Job Advert Hints at Apps for Xbox

Microsoft is looking to expand its Silverlight web platform to Xbox 360, according to a recent job advertisement placed by the company.

"Silverlight is looking to hire motivated developers with a passion for creating ground breaking multiscreen platform experiences now targeting the Xbox," the advertisement reads. Silverlight is used in "thousands of applications developed for Windows Phone 7, social network applications such as Seesmic, or powering the largest premium internet movie service through Netflix. With our next wave of releases we are looking to increase by an order of magnitude our usage, customer base and reach."

Google seeks to one-up Microsoft in Office-cloud collaboration

Both Google and Microsoft are intent on being Office users' preferred way of collaborating on documents.

Microsoft has been touting not only SharePoint, but also its Office Web Apps — and its Microsoft Docs sibling — as a way for users to share Office documents. Office Web Apps allows users running vaious browsers and operating systems to view (and sometimes also edit/create) Office documents, even if they don’t have Office installed on their PCs or devices...

iOS 4.2 available today, brings the iPad into the multitasking era

Engadget: You've waited a long while for this day to come, but here it finally is. Apple is today rolling out iOS 4.2 to iPads and qualifying iPhones (3G, 3GS and 4) and iPod touches (second, third and fourth generation) across the globe, delivering the long-awaited multitasking and app folder enhancements to a tablet that was already supposed to be magical and revolutionary. To see whether this new update -- replete with Game Center, AirPlay and AirPrint additions -- really helps the iPad step up to doubleplusgood territory, check out our full review; everyone else, hit up your nearest iTunes 10.1-equipped computer to get your update on.

Microsoft reverses course, says Kinect left open by 'design'

On a side note, check out this awesome implementation of Kinect on Windows 7

Microsoft representatives appearing on National Public Radio's "Science Friday" today said that the company's Kinect motion-controller was left open by "design," despite earlier comments by the company that it did not "condone" Kinect's hacking.

A tweet by the "Science Friday" staff read "(Xbox director of incubation) Alex Kipman says Kinect interface was left unprotected 'by design.' [And Microsoft's] Shannon Loftis says she's 'inspired' by community finding new uses."