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Interxion Launches Cloud Hubs Across Europe

- Thirteen dedicated Cloud Hubs in key consumer and business population centres
- Exceptional network density
- Access to large community of hosters, service providers and enterprises

Mobile WinBeta now available!

Looking for an easier method to read all about the latest in technology news and reviews? Hunting for the late breaking Microsoft beta news? You can now view on your mobile phone.

An inside look at the testing of Windows Phone 7

On a rather sunny August day deep within one of the many nondescript buildings that dot Microsoft's campus, a robot taps away at a prototype Windows Phone 7 to double-check that the screen is accurately reading touch input. Another robot, affectionately dubbed Wally, tests the accelerometer and other sensors built into the new phones. A building over, thousands of phones are going through a variety of stress tests, including both automated and hand-performed tasks.

That's a major shift for Microsoft, which in the past focused on making sure its software was bug-free and left much of the testing of final phones to the partners that make the actual Windows Phone devices.

Windows Live Messenger has already powered 1.5 billion minutes of Facebook chat

Dharmesh Mehta: Frederic from ReadWriteWeb recently noted the large number of people who have connected Facebook and Messenger. As it’s now been about one month since we released Windows Live Essentials 2011, we wanted to take a moment to talk more about our progress in building partnerships with Messenger that help customers connect to their friends and networks from across their devices...

Android surging as Microsoft tries to reverse its mobile slide

New numbers from the Gartner research firm this morning show Google's Android continuing to generate huge momentum for itself in the mobile market, and demonstrate how much competition Microsoft faces as it launches its mobile comeback bid.

Android surged to a 25.5 percent share of the worldwide smartphone market in the third quarter, from a mere 3.5 percent in the same quarter a year ago. That was well ahead of Apple's iOS and, at 16.7 percent, and Research in Motion's BlackBerry, at 14.8 percent. Symbian remains the leader, at 36.6 percent, but that was down from 44.6 percent in the same quarter a year ago...

GeForce Forceware 262.99 WHQL

This is a WHQL-certified driver supporting the new GeForce GTX 580 GPU.

Additional Information

- Installs HD Audio driver to version