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Microsoft is Imagining a NUI future

Steve Clayton: As Craig Mundie has stated on many occasions, technology is beginning to behave like we do. For Microsoft, natural user interface (NUI) technology is an area we’ve invested in for many years. The fruits of those investments are now being seen across many of our products, including Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Surface 2.0, Bing for Mobile and Office 2010 Mini Translator. One product that has gotten a lot of attention recently is our Kinect for Xbox 360, which incorporates facial recognition along with gesture-based and voice control. The device knows who you are, understands your voice or the wave of your hand and is changing the face of gaming as we know it. We’ve also witnessed how Kinect has inspired others to explore the potential of NUI, and we’re excited about the potential that others see in this technology...

Vint Cerf takes rap for running out of IP addresses

Who knew that 4.3 billion Internet addresses wouldn't be enough?

Internet pioneer Vint Cerf has sounded the alarm bell once again by warning that the world is about to run out of IP addresses. Cerf, who also serves as Google's chief internet evangelist, pinned the blame on himself for the lack of sufficient addresses in a recent interview published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Initially seeing the Internet as just an experiment that would eventually end, Cerf said he never anticipated the world would need more than the 4.3 billion addresses currently capable of being allocated...

Telmap announces its inaugural Telmap Metrics Report

LONDON, 26 January, 2011 – Telmap, the original pioneers in mobile location-based services, today announces the inaugural edition of Telmap Metrics Report, a quarterly report looking at local search,

jclouds and Libcloud add CloudSigma coverage

Zürich, Wednesday 26 January 2011 – CloudSigma AG, the public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in Switzerland, today announced inclusion in the jclouds and Libcloud interoperability s

Introducing the Amazon Simple Email Service

The new Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) will make it easy for you to send email with minimal setup and maximum scalability. Amazon SES is based on the scalable technology used by Amazon sites around the world to send billions of messages a year.

You'll be able to send email without having to worry about the undifferentiated heavy lifting of infrastructure management, configuring your hosts for optimal sending, and the like. Amazon SES also provides you with access to a number of metrics that will provide you with the feedback needed to tune your email strategy to maximize deliverability...

How Microsoft plans to market against the iPad

Mary Jo Foley: Even though Microsoft’s public stance, when asked about the impact of Apple's slate is "Pad? What iPad?", the Redmondians are preparing the company's partners for battle in 2011.

Microsoft is making available to its reseller partners marketing collateral to help them defend against the iPad’s encroachment into the enterprise market. I had a chance to check out a PowerPoint dated December 2010 on "Microsoft Commercial Slate PCs" that the company is offering to its partners to help them explain Microsoft's slate strategy to business users...

Hyper-V Disk Pass-Through Quick Guide takes an in-depth look at how to configure Microsoft's Hyper-V to use raw disks and RAID volumes:

After the recent article on passing controllers through to ESXi virtual machines, I did get some questions around pass-through in Hyper-V. First off, it works a bit differently in Hyper-V, but you can still expose raw disks and RAID volumes to Hyper-V virtual machines, and this does not require Intel VT-d. This is an important feature of Hyper-V because it allows for the virtual machines to get raw disk access which is important when you have a storage operating system controlling the drives.