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Microsoft Research hands off its Trident project to Outercurve

Another Microsoft-germinated project has left the building and is now under the auspices of the Outercurve Foundation.

The latest to go is Microsoft Research’s Scientific Workflow Workbench — codenamed Project Trident. On October 26, Outercurve announced that Microsoft Research had donated Trident to the Foundation. Some of the contributors to the project will be non-Microsoft employees and some are Microsoft employees. (The project contributors will still work for their respective employers, e.g. Microsoft, not Outercurve.)

GeForce Forceware 260.99 WHQL

New in Release 260.99

- Increases performance vs. v260.89 drivers in the following PC games: Civilization V (SLI), Fallout 3, Final Fantasy XIV, and Formula 1 Racing (DX11).