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Microsoft library OS 'Drawbridge' mixes app compatibility with security

Some of our readers may remember Microsoft's Singularity project, an experimental operating system built by Microsoft as a test case for a secure, microkernel OS written using managed code. While its practical applications are still limited, Microsoft are now developing a new library operating system codenamed "Drawbridge" with the purpose of running Windows applications.

Mary Jo Foley reports that Drawbridge follows similar ideas seen in earlier exokernel OS designs where the primary goal "is to avoid forcing any particular abstraction upon applications, instead allowing them to use or implement whatever abstractions are best suited to their task without having to layer them on top of other abstractions which may impose limits or unnecessary overhead". Drawbridge may be an early design from Microsoft with the ultimate goal of being able to make substantial changes to the OS kernel without having to sacrifice Windows' longstanding backwards compatibility of applications...

Microsoft takes down massive Rustock Botnet

Richard Boscovich, Microsoft's Senior Attorney for their Digital Crimes Unit, reports on the latest series of botnet crackdowns by the company:

Just over a year ago, we announced that the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), in cooperation with industry and academic experts, had successfully taken down the botnet Waledac in an operation known as “Operation b49”. Today, I’m happy to announce that based on the knowledge gained in that effort, we have successfully taken down a larger, more notorious and complex botnet known as Rustock. This botnet is estimated to have approximately a million infected computers operating under its control and has been known to be capable of sending billions of spam mails every day, including fake Microsoft lottery scams and offers for fake – and potentially dangerous – prescription drugs.

Office 15 to have Facebook integration?

Microsoft's Careers Web site today posted a job listing that describes an interesting new feature set to debut in Microsoft's next productivity suite, Office 15. Apparently, Office 15 will feature integration of instant messaging services and social networks such as Facebook.

iPad 2 shortages continue, relief 1-2 months away

Apple's iPad 2 is in extremely short supply, with shipping delays from Apple's online store now standing at four to five weeks and customers at several prominent retail stores today going away empty-h

Windows Server 2011 nearing RTM

Looks like our wait is nearly over as Microsoft plans on finalizing the RTM builds of Windows Server 2011 by March 30th.

Is the Microsoft Zune really dead?

Rumors went rampant a few days ago about the Microsoft Zune being dead. It appeared that numerous sources were reporting that Microsoft plans on killing off the hardware aspect of Zune and instead focus on the software aspect. However, Dave McLauchlan, business developer at Microsoft for the Zune HD, agues otherwise.