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Steve Ballmer looking into removal of Drive Extender from Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server hasn't exactly taken the consumer market by storm, showing yet again that people are more interested in shiny new toys than protecting their precious data. Still, there's been a huge amount of negative backlash from Microsoft's recent decision to drop Drive Extender from the next release of WHS, currently codenamed Vail. Drive Extender is the tech that enables multiple physical disks to act as a single logical volume, making it easy for even non-techy folks to add more and enable data replication. Terry Walsh over at We Got Served was similarly taken aback by the decision and took the opportunity to drop a note to Big Poppa Steve Ballmer. He got a response...

Microsoft weighs new TV service

Microsoft has engaged in talks with media companies for a new subscription-based online TV service, one which could allow consumers to access individual channels such as HBO and Showtime, Reuters reports citing unidentified sources. Reuters reports that the options also include creating a "virtual cable operator" -- essentially allowing consumers to "cut the cord" on their existing cable company -- or utilizing the Xbox as an authentication system for existing cable subscribers to view programs with "enhanced interactivity."

Kualo Announce Cheapest Domain Registration in the UK

LONDON, UK -- [url=]Kualo[/url], a leading [url=]low cost UK hosting[/url] provider, announces that it has slashed the cost of domain name regis

Amid economic doldrums, Apple has a spectacular year

As 2010 draws to a close, much of the tech world is struggling to regain its footing after a difficult recession. Then there's Apple.

Never before has this venerable company, which at age 34 is a grizzled veteran by Silicon Valley standards, stood so firmly atop the high-tech industry. Earlier this year, Apple's market capitalization surpassed that of Microsoft, making it the most valuable property in the tech universe. And during its just-completed fiscal year, it broke four consecutive quarterly revenue and profit records. Amid the worst recession in decades, Apple hired thousands while others cut jobs...

Apple MacBook gains are others' losses

If the new MacBooks are the "future of notebooks," as Apple CEO Steve Jobs proclaimed, that future is off to a good start. For Apple, that is.

ChangeWave Research said this week that Apple is seeing a surge of interest in its MacBooks, driven by the two MacBook Air lines announced in October. A whopping 36 percent of buyers planning to buy laptops say they'll purchase a MacBook, a jump of 11 points since a previous survey a month ago, ChangeWave said...

Acer hopes to overtake Apple in tablets in 2-3 years

Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci in a question and answer session after his tablet unveilings this week said that he hoped to beat Apple in the tablet market within two to three years. He expected Acer to get 10 to 20 percent of the field shortly after launch and to take the lead from the iPad later on. Apple's problem was its US-centric focus, which could hurt it where Acer and others were more world oriented...