Talk Microsoft Episode 2: Intel Phone and Project Scorpio -
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Talk Microsoft Episode 2: Intel Phone and Project Scorpio

Welcome to episode 2 of Talk Microsoft! This week we discuss more leaks surrounding a potential Intel Powered phone, details on Project Scorpio, and much more.

You can join in on every single broadcast. We have the comments directly on the side of the screen so you can see how much fun we have during our live show. To watch us live, just go to our live page at 1PM PST or go to our YouTube channel.

If you can’t join us live you can watch the rebroadcasted video or audio later on. The podcast audio is on iTunes, the Windows podcast app, TuneIn, and other podcast apps and the video is on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for good discussion and insight on Windows news, or just a good time with some guys who love tech, you’ll enjoy the podcast.

Stories covered this episode:

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