The X-Surface, it doesn't exist, but you fell for it

How funny. It seems earlier today an anonymous tipster claimed to be a Microsoft Employee and completely made up details about the alleged Xbox Surface tablet that's supposed to launch later this year. The plan was to see how easy it was to trick tech and game blogs into thinking they had some juicy details regarding this unreleased product, and it seems the plan worked very well, as some of the blogs actually ran the article.

Full specs for Next Xbox leak, will be one hell of a powerful machine

It looks like specs for the next Xbox have finally leaked online as a whole, detailing how everything will be connected and used in the console when its launched later this year. Starting with the juicy information, the new Xbox will feature a 64-bit architecture, as well as 8GB DDR3 RAM and 8 CPU cores clocked at 1.7GHz. Yes, this will be one powerful console.

From the rumor mill: Microsoft to reveal the Xbox 720 near the GDC in late March

Back in June of last year, we learned from a leaked 56 paged document that shed some light on the company's plans for Xbox 720. The presentation in the document appeared to be from August 2010 and revealed information about the improvements in Xbox 720 such as SmartGlass, a Metro styled dashboard, and TV apps for Xbox.

Xbox Music Pass formally introduced to consumers via an email from Microsoft

Xbox Music Pass

Back in October, Microsoft launched its highly anticipated Xbox Music service (which was a previously branded as the Zune Pass service) for both the Xbox 360 entertainment console and Windows 8 operating system. This new all-in-one service fixes the problem of having tons of individual services to achieve the best music experience.

Awesome infographic highlights all of Microsoft's products and services (picture)

Check out this infographic in which Microsoft's recruitment team uses to showcase how vast the company's career choices are, and how many services and products the company has for us consumers. As you can see, there are a ton of different services, including gaming/entertainment, user interface, mobile, operating system, developer tools, applications, cloud, and search/social.

Click the image below to make it bigger.

Free month of Xbox LIVE Gold coming to those affected by cloud save outage

Were you one of the many affected by the cloud save outage the other day? Well, Microsoft understands the pain it caused and are offering everyone who had suffered from the outage a free month of Xbox LIVE Gold!

"We will be automatically applying a one-month extension to the Xbox LIVE Gold memberships of everyone who was impacted." said the blog post.

Microsoft releases new SmartGlass experiences for sports apps on Xbox

Interested in the sporting side of life? Well luckily for you, Microsoft have today released all new Xbox SmartGlass experiences for NBA Game Time, ESPN and Sports Picks App!

Sports Pick App allows players to compete with friends against leaderboards across Xbox LIVE. With the new update, you can now do all this with your phone or tablet with Xbox SmartGlass. So now you can compete with friends on the go!