Nokia CEO: Cheap Windows Phones Coming Soon

Looking for a fancy new cheap-priced Nokia phone powered by Windows Phone OS? You may not be waiting long after all. Nokia's Chief Executive Stephen Elop claims that prices will fall fast very soon.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talks Microsoft, Symbian, MeeGo, and Windows Phone

Engadget: We had a chance to sit down for a few minutes with the man who's arguably stolen the show here at Mobile World Congress this year -- Nokia CEO Stephen Elop -- to talk about everything from his time at Microsoft to the potential for a multi-billion dollar platform partnership with his former employer that he's hoping to foster over the coming years. Elop's emerged in the past week as an outspoken character who doesn't seem to shy away from a question, to speak his mind, or to tell it like it is, which makes this ten-odd minute segment a must-see. Check it out after the break...

Will Nokia build Windows phones?

(Update: Nokia disagrees with our report. However, we have two additional sources which agree with it).

VentureBeat: According to a trusted source, Nokia is now likely to use Windows Phone 7 as an additional platform for its phones. Also, Nokia’s board has given new ex-Microsoft CEO Stephen Elop the green light to change the company’s strategy if needed, a source familiar with these matters said. This new mandate includes decisions on OS strategy or alliances...