Windows Blue features a few new settings for mobile devices, including the Surface

WinBeta Windows Blue

With the recent leak of Windows Blue build 9364, those who own a Microsoft Surface Pro device are probably wondering what sort of "new" features are going to be available for them. Well have no fear, we went ahead and scoured the leaked build to see what sort of changes or features Microsoft is working on for those who are on a touch device.

Watch this! Using Metro apps on Multiple Monitors in Windows Blue (video)

Many multi-monitor improvements are apparent in Windows Blue, and we've created a quick video demonstrating its usefulness! Windows Blue allows those who are using more than 1 monitor to have 2 or more apps open over 2 or more screens at the same time. This means you can have the Mail and People app open on both screens at once, or the Start Screen and Desktop!

Check out Windows Blue build 9364 in this first look video!

WinBeta Windows Blue

Want to see what's new in Windows Blue? Well, we've made a little video which will show you first hand all the new things Microsoft have been working on! These new features include better personalization, SkyDrive support, more tile sizes and a load of other awesome things! Check it out below!

Leaked Windows Blue build confirms smaller and larger tile sizes, better multitasking and personalization

It appears the recent Windows Blue build that leaked onto the web is indeed real, as screenshots from the build have began leaking online. Along with the screenshots, it has been revealed that Windows Blue will indeed support a smaller tile size, just like in Windows Phone 8. Also, metro apps can be ran side by side evenly now, instead of having one of the apps in a smaller size.


Windows Blue build 9364 has leaked onto the web

Is this our first Windows Blue leak? It appears a thread on has download links to a 32-bit version of Windows Blue. The build number sits at 9364, checks on the ISO have confirmed the setup.exe file as legitimate. Screenshots of the full build string have also leaked online.


Windows Blue to be free for Windows 8 users, will RTM at build 9600 and launch in August

While Microsoft refuse to comment on the existence of Windows Blue, other 3rd-party sources are beginning to spill the beans on what Windows Blue actually is. So far we've pin-pointed Windows Blue as an upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Along with the update, we will see big improvements to the NT kernel, which will make it faster and smaller. Search is supposed to see a rather big overhaul too.

More info regarding Windows Blue leak, will have a Public Preview and include IE11

More information regarding Windows Blue has leaked onto the web today, revealing IE11 and a public preview of the OS.


It was originally thought that Windows Blue would hit M2 before being released to the public, however another source claims Windows Blue will hit an MP build which will be released to the public for testing before M2 and RTM. MP stands for Milestione Preview.

Boom: Screenshots of Windows Blue begin appearing online

After a long while of nothingness regarding leaks on the future of Windows, it seems today that's all changing, as two new screenshots of two different builds of Windows Blue have appeared online.

The first one seems to show off build 9289, the screenshot doesn't reveal much, and blurs out the juicy build string details:


From the rumor mill: Blue to be a major platform update to Windows, Windows Phone, and more

When we first heard about Windows Blue, it was revealed via unnamed sources that Windows Blue would be an update pack for Windows 8. We then learned that the update would include UI changes to Windows 8, and even more tile sizes to further customize your setup. Now, according to a new report, Blue will be more than just an update to Windows, but in-fact an update to most of Microsoft's platforms and services.