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Here's what booting to the desktop in Windows 8.1 might look like

Recent rumours have suggested that Windows 8.1 may allow users to boot directly to the desktop without having to see the Start Screen. This hasn't been confirmed, neither is it currently available in known Windows 8.1 builds. This video will give you an idea on what it might actually be like to boot directly to the desktop.

More screenshots of Windows 8.1 build 9374 leak online


It appears more screenshots of a pre-release version of Windows leaked onto the web earlier today, again confirming the existence of the build. It also appears the pre-release wallpapers are back with the usual betta fish we all know and love.

Microsoft could name Windows 8.2 'Windows 9' if 8.1 is received poorly


If you asked a regular consumer their thoughts on Windows 8, they'd probably turn around and say things like 'Rubbish', why? Because everyone else says it. The same happened with Windows Vista. While Windows Vista was indeed troublesome in the beginning, Service Pack 2 changed that, but as Windows Vista was already named the worst OS, there was no saving the sinking ship.

Windows 8.1 codename Windows Blue build 9369 screenshots leaked

Windows Blue

New screenshots of what appear to be build 9369 of Windows Blue, which we recently learned was Windows 8.1, have leaked onto the internet. These screenshots come right after a screenshot of build 9375 appeared onto the internet showcasing the term "Windows 8.1 Pro."

Confirmed: Windows Blue will be called Windows 8.1

A screenshot of Windows Blue build 9375 leaked onto the internet yesterday, revealing a rather interesting change in the naming of the OS. In the system version window, we could see a string of text that said 'Windows 8.1 Pro'. Of course, since yesterday was April 1st, many didn't believe the screenshot to be true, it turns out it is.


Dear Microsoft, please don't screw up the Surface 2.0 (editorial)


The Surface RT and the Surface Pro. Two devices from Microsoft that caught the world by surprise. While we know its only inevitable that Microsoft release a sequel to these two devices, lets hope the software giant doesn't screw it up like it did with the Surface RT and Surface Pro product launches.

Will Microsoft merge Windows RT into Windows Blue?

Here we go again! It seems every month since its release last October some tech publication has proffered the same question, “Is Windows RT dead?” Some have not been as blunt in their inquiries, but their questions were just variants on the same theme. But DigiTimes, a Taipei-based news site, has gone a step further.


Metro IE11 includes new Downloads list and Tracking Protection features

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) in Windows Blue appears to be rocking a few new features which are yet to be talked about. These new features include a dedicated downloads list and a new feature called Tracking Protection. The downloads list is self explanatory, it allows you to remove, run, check the status and delete downloads. The Tracking Protection allows you to enable or disable the feature.