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Windows Store app highlight: Metro Pong, a simple Pong game for two players

Metro Pong

Looking for a simple Pong game for your Windows 8 or Windows RT device? Metro Pong not only gives you the classic Pong experience but also allows you to play with two players by placing your device on a surface. Pretty cool game for those who want to use their Surface RT as a Pong board.

Windows RT Flash Player tool lets you watch Flash content on your Surface RT

Flash Player tool

For those who have a Surface RT or a Windows RT device, there is an unofficial tool available that will allow you to white-list a web site so you can display Flash content via your Metro browser. Simply download this tool and install it, and you will have the ability to update the Default Whitelist.

Microsoft releases firmware update for Surface RT during January 2013 Patch Tuesday


For those who own a Surface RT, Microsoft has released a firmware update during this month's Patch Tuesday. The firmware update provides System Firmware (UEFI) improvements and features improvements to audio playback when in Connected Standby and additional capabilities for handling firmware updates during low battery situations.

Windows Store app highlight: Text File Viewer, view and edit .txt files in a touch enabled app

Text File Viewer

"Text File Viewer allows viewing and editing text (*.txt) files, in a beautiful touch-enabled app. It is great for viewing email attachments as well as any other text file on your disk. View the file and use touch or your mouse to zoom in and out. Edit the file comfortably, using the built-in spell-checker. Share the file or print it using the charms," the app description reads.

Microsoft applauds Windows RT jailbreak attempt, says it does not pose a threat

Windows RT

Just recently, we learned about a way to run non-Windows Store apps on a Windows RT device via a circumvention method. Clrokr, the one who discovered this circumvention method, found out a way to tinker with the portion of the RAM that instructs Windows RT on whether it should run unsigned code or signed code.