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Jun 22nd, 2017, by in How-To

Windows 10 includes simplified options for staying connected to your work or school account on your personal device. Unlike previous Windows versions, you can use files and resources provided by your organisation without having to switch user accounts. The operating system lets you link external accounts to your main sign-in address. To get started, head […]

Nov 8th, 2016, by in Latest news

Skype accounts have been hacked since August even through two-factor authentication on Microsoft accounts. Here’s the fix.

Sep 5th, 2015, by in How-To

One of the great things that makes Windows so great is that it can be shared with multiple people who each have their own sign-in credentials, files, apps, and settings. Adding users is easy, but what if you need to remove someone who doesn’t use it anymore? Luckily, that’s easy, too. The first thing you’re […]

Sep 4th, 2015, by in How-To

If you want to change the user account type of a friend or family to give them more or less control over the computer, it’s pretty easy to do. You might want to change this to either protect your PC from other users or to give a user additional permissions so they can install new software. […]

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