Android tops RIM in US smartphone market share, Apple's iPhone third

Google's Android surpassed Research in Motion's BlackBerry to become the largest mobile platform at the start of 2011, while Apple's iOS and iPhone took third before the Verizon iPhone 4 was released.

New market data released by comScore on Monday shows that Google Android was the largest mobile platform in the U.S. for the three-month period that concluded with January 2011. Android's growth of 7.7 percent over the previous quarter pushed the Google mobile operating system to 31.2 percent share, past RIM's 30.4 percent share...

Apple's Steve Jobs slams Google, RIM, rival tablet makers

In a surprise appearance during the company's quarterly earnings call, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs hailed the success of the iPhone and iPod while painting a bleak outlook for RIM's Blackberry smartphones, Google's fragmented Android smartphone platform, and the coming trickle of 7inch tablets.

"As most of you know," Jobs said on Monday's conference call, "I don't usually participate in earnings calls since you're all in such capable hands. But I couldn't help dropping by for our first $20 billion quarter. I'd like to chat about a few things and stay for the Q and A."