Poll: Do you want a Surface Go?

Poll: do you want a surface go? - onmsft. Com - august 2, 2018

The day has arrived and Microsoft is now selling the "$399" Surface Go (it's $399 for the base model, if you don't want/need a keyboard or a pen). This latest member of the Surface family is smaller, lighter, and cheaper, ... Read more

Poll: Are you excited for the Surface Go?

OK, glitches with broken embargoes aside, Microsoft formally announced the Surface Go, a 10" tablet built with the same attention to quality as more expensive devices in the line, but with a smaller form factor that looks ready to grab ... Read more

Poll: Can Microsoft win with Cortana?

Poll: can microsoft win with cortana? - onmsft. Com - march 7, 2018

It seems like a familiar refrain: Microsoft toys with an innovative product, only to let it languish while other players build a better more popular service, leaving the Redmond giant to try, usually unsuccessfully, to play catch up. It's the ... Read more

Poll: Are you excited for Always Connected PCs?

Poll: are you excited for always connected pcs? - onmsft. Com - december 6, 2017

Yesterday, in Hawaii of all places, Windows EVP Terry Myerson took the stage at Qualcomm's Tech Summit to introduce "Always Connected PCs." These devices, running Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 ARM chips, boast incredible battery life, LTE 4G connectivity, and some special ... Read more

Poll: Bill Gates has gone Android, have you?

Earlier this week we noted that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now using an Android phone, but with "lots of Microsoft software." Many other Microsoft employees and execs have moved off the withering Windows mobile platform, although Microsoft refuses to ... Read more