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Aug 2nd, 2018, by in Latest news, Polls

The day has arrived and Microsoft is now selling the “$399” Surface Go (it’s $399 for the base model, if you don’t want/need a keyboard or a pen). This latest member of the Surface family is smaller, lighter, and cheaper, but still packs a punch, and seems made for first line workers, students, and anyone […]

Jul 25th, 2018, by in Polls

Yesterday, a number of tech pundits picked up on a July 3rd “rant” by a former Windows Insider MVP, Kari Finn, who was vocal in his criticism of the program and its seeming focus on “taco hats” over bug fixes. We won’t go into details of Finn’s post, you can read it for yourself, nor […]

Jul 10th, 2018, by in Latest news

OK, glitches with broken embargoes aside, Microsoft formally announced the Surface Go, a 10″ tablet built with the same attention to quality as more expensive devices in the line, but with a smaller form factor that looks ready to grab and go. We can’t bring ourselves to call it a $399 device, because when you […]

Mar 14th, 2018, by in Latest news, Polls

Microsoft is obviously showing a renewed interest in their Rewards program, and we’d like to know if you use it! Vote below and let us know.

Mar 7th, 2018, by in Polls

It seems like a familiar refrain: Microsoft toys with an innovative product, only to let it languish while other players build a better more popular service, leaving the Redmond giant to try, usually unsuccessfully, to play catch up. It’s the Windows Phone story (and the Zune story, and the Groove story, and on and on). […]

Feb 21st, 2018, by in Latest news

Microsoft is moving closer to introduce what it hopes will be a new category of personal computer, the “Always Connected” Windows on ARM lightweight laptop with LTE connectivity. How these new devices will be received, or if they’re a solution looking for a problem will have to play out over the next few months, but […]

Dec 27th, 2017, by in Polls

Microsoft watchers have been poring over US Patent Office filings recently, coming up with a number of gems related to a new foldable “Surface Phone” device that Microsoft is apparently working on. One fan even used the patent drawings for the basis of some pretty inspiring looking renders, and we have to say we’re intrigued. […]

Dec 20th, 2017, by in Polls

Yesterday, Microsoft released a doozy of a Windows 10 Insider build for PCs on the Fast Ring, build 17063. Included in the build are our first look at Timeline, improvements to Edge that includes Web Media Extensions installed by default, more Fluent Design flowing throughout the OS, and updates to My People, Settings, and input […]

Dec 13th, 2017, by in Polls

Microsoft is having a big sale today only on Windows Mixed Reality headsets, as part of their annual “12 Days of Deals.” We’ve had a chance to play around a bit with one of these devices, the Lenovo Explorer, and our own Arif Bacchus came away impressed. But it’s still early in the AR/VR game. […]

Dec 6th, 2017, by in Polls

Yesterday, in Hawaii of all places, Windows EVP Terry Myerson took the stage at Qualcomm’s Tech Summit to introduce “Always Connected PCs.” These devices, running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 ARM chips, boast incredible battery life, LTE 4G connectivity, and some special Windows enhancements all in a thin lightweight device. They may not be the fastest or […]

Nov 29th, 2017, by in Polls

Yesterday, Microsoft took an unusual step in pre-announcing two new features that will soon be included in Windows 10 Insider RS4 builds, Timeline and Sets. Timeline will allow users to go back to a previous point in time in their workflow, re-opening files, apps, and webpages. “Sets” is the not-yet-final name for Tabs in UWP […]

Nov 15th, 2017, by in Polls

We all know the woe is me Microsoft mantra with mobile, and the company has as much as given up on competing head to head with Google and Apple, at least on a hardware and OS level. Sure Microsoft is pushing consumer services across platforms, maintaining a toehold in the mobile space, but for now, […]

Nov 8th, 2017, by in Polls

This morning, Bloomberg reported that Apple is indeed working on an AR (augmented reality) device, aiming to ship in 2020. Apple has already been hard at work on AR, releasing an ARKit developer tool to produce AR applications for iPhone and IPads, but building a head mounted display will be much harder, according to Apple […]

Nov 1st, 2017, by in Polls

Microsoft is reaching record stock price highs, and has been on quite a roll lately with the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the upcoming launch of the Xbox One X, and some serious momentum for its cloud component, Microsoft Azure. One area of the company that’s seeing huge growth and adoption is Office […]

Oct 25th, 2017, by in Polls

Windows Phone has been dying a long slow death, and now hovers in “maintenance mode,” even though Microsoft is releasing a Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update this week, and support is set to continue through 2019, at least. Some of us jumped ship a long time ago, but some of you are hanging on, […]

Oct 18th, 2017, by in Polls

Microsoft officially released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yesterday with a slew of new features, including OneDrive On-Demand, support for 3D capabilities in everything from Paint to Office, Mixed Reality, a new way to interact with your contacts via My People, and improvements to Edge, Microsoft’s next generation browser. Under the hood, this latest […]

Oct 11th, 2017, by in Polls

So last weekend the inevitable other shoe dropped: Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore finally confirmed what everyone had known for quite some time, Windows Phone is dead. The beleaguered mobile operating system has been put on life support in the form of “maintenance mode,” meaning that while the OS will continue to receive security updates, there won’t […]

Oct 4th, 2017, by in Latest news

Earlier this week, Microsoft pulled the plug on Groove Music, “partnering” with Spotify to move customers over to that service, and announcing that the Groove Music Pass will shut down by the end of the year. On the heels of that, some industry analysts are predicting that Microsoft will be looking to get out of […]

Sep 27th, 2017, by in Latest news

Earlier this week we noted that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now using an Android phone, but with “lots of Microsoft software.” Many other Microsoft employees and execs have moved off the withering Windows mobile platform, although Microsoft refuses to acknowledge the obvious, that Windows Phone in all its permutations is effectively dead. If Bill […]

Sep 6th, 2017, by in Polls

This morning word filtered out that Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President, Surface, will be keynoting the Future Decoded conference, held on October 31- Nov 1 in London. Panay wasn’t in the original Future Decoded speaker lineup, and was apparently added this morning. Speculation is rampant of course that Microsoft will use this venue to announce […]

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