How to use Microsoft Flow instead of IFTTT

How to use microsoft flow instead of ifttt

Microsoft Flow is a workflow automation platform that connects different apps and services to automate tasks. Flow integrates with many existing Microsoft apps and services (Office 365), as well as other workplace apps to automate tasks to boost your productivity. ... Read more

How to create a Microsoft Flow

How to create a microsoft flow - onmsft. Com - november 2, 2016

After reading about how to get started with Microsoft Flow, you might have some questions. What do people use these technologies for? How do you create a Microsoft Flow? Here are some answers.

How to get started with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft flow

With Microsoft Flow being generally available to all starting today, you may wonder what Microsoft Flow is and how to get started using Microsoft Flow. Similar to IFTTT, Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service for business users to build workflows ... Read more

Microsoft Flow for Android public beta discovered

Microsoft flow for android public beta discovered - onmsft. Com - july 16, 2016

Microsoft launched the official iOS app for its Flow service a few days ago. Now, it looks like the company has quietly started testing Flow for Android. You can now beta test the company’s Flow app for Android, after WalkingCat ... Read more