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Mastering OneNote

Nov 13th, 2015, by in Feature Stories

The main advantage OneNote has over competing note taking solutions would be the diverse range of supported content. OneNote can handle a massive amount of data in a variety of formats. There are a range of different ways to get your stuff into OneNote; some apps, some services, some work with apps, others only supported […]

Nov 6th, 2015, by in Feature Stories

Most of the Office programs work in a similar way with discrete files for each different document, and all of the content is contained within these files which can easily be attached to emails, or copied to flash drives to share. However, OneNote is different because the content is spread across pages in different sections […]

Nov 3rd, 2015, by in Feature Stories

This is the second post in a multi-part series exploring Microsoft OneNote. You can read the first post titled “Mastering OneNote: How to think about OneNote“. If there is a particular topic in OneNote that you want us to cover, let us know in the comments below. Getting started with OneNote is easy with nearly zero barriers to […]

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