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Lumia 530

Jun 23rd, 2015, by in Latest news

A series of updates have arrived on a range of lower end Lumias is rolling out. The phones receiving an update are the Lumia 430 Dual SIM, the Lumia Lumia 435/ Lumia 435 Dual SIM, the Lumia 530 / Lumia 530 Dual SIM, the Lumia 532/ Lumia 532 Dual SIM, and the Lumia 535/ Lumia […]

Jan 15th, 2015, by in Latest news

Microsoft has started focusing more on entry-level Windows Phone devices — most of them carrying similar set of specifications with a few changes here and there — to compete in the low-end segment of the market dominated by Android. Not too long ago, the company unveiled what it calls the “most affordable Lumias”, Lumia 532 […]

Dec 25th, 2014, by in Latest news

As Microsoft battles to make Windows Phone a better rival for iOS and Android, it looks like Microsoft’s war is finally reaching a tipping point, at least in Brazil. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), a technology-based market research, analysis, and advisory company in the US, Windows Phone achieved great headway in Q3 2014 […]

Dec 6th, 2014, by in Latest news

Are you a budget-conscious user looking for an affordable handset, and have no issues switching to T-Mobile? You’re in luck as Best Buy is offering T-Mobile Lumia 530 at an extremely attractive $34.99 off-contract price tag, down from its usual $69.99 retail price. This is an excellent price for the handset, even lower than some […]

Nov 11th, 2014, by in Latest news

Microsoft now has a new group of affordable and entry level Lumia smartphones to try to entice users, the Lumia 525, 530, and 535. But the flip side of choice is indecision — which one is the right for you? While we won’t know that until the 535 actually sees some action, here are the […]

Oct 27th, 2014, by in Latest news

If you’re in the market for an entry-level handset, and don’t have any problem with a Windows Phone smartphone, you should consider the Lumia 530. Not too long ago, the smartphone received a price cut in the UK, and now, Australian users can get the Lumia 530 for an amazing low price, that is, $39.95.  Woolworths is […]

Oct 23rd, 2014, by in Latest news

Microsoft’s Lumia 530 is one of the most affordable smartphone available with Windows Phone 8.1; the handset launched in the UK a few months back with an asking price of £60. If you’re thinking about getting your hands on the device, you’ll be glad to find out that Carphone Warehouse is offering the handset for £49.95, but […]

Oct 12th, 2014, by in Feature Stories

This week has been quite interesting in the world of Microsoft. We’ve covered a lot over the past week and chances are you most likely missed an important piece of news. Let’s take a look back at the past seven days in a feature we call “Weekend Recap.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the headlines this […]

Oct 6th, 2014, by in Review

There’s just no denying it when it comes to Nokia’s lowest-end smartphone. It’s designed to be cheap, however that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Nokia Lumia 530 has an impressive pair of boots to fill, considering it’s the successor to the widely-popular Lumia 520. Has Nokia managed to improve upon the Lumia 520, or […]

Oct 5th, 2014, by in Latest news

This week has been quite interesting in the world of Microsoft. We’ve covered a lot over the past week and chances are you most likely missed an important piece of news. Let’s take a look back at the past seven days in a feature we call “Weekend Recap.” The big news of the week is the […]

Oct 2nd, 2014, by in Latest news

For those of you who are waiting for the budget-friendly Lumia 530, it’s set to hit retail in the US starting tomorrow. T-Mobile has officially confirmed it’s going to stock the Lumia 530 with an off-contract price of $79.20 — $10 higher than what was previously reported. The handset will be available for sale in […]

Oct 1st, 2014, by in Latest news

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched the successor to the best-selling Windows Phone handset dubbed as the Lumia 530. The handset is already available in a number of markets, but it seems it will come to the US in the coming weeks. Earlier this year, T-Mobile confirmed it will stock the Lumia 530, but failed to […]

Sep 23rd, 2014, by in Latest news

What’s better than getting yourself a Lumia 530? Getting two for the price of one! That’s exactly what Nokia will be offering at United Arab Emirates. The Nokia UAE announced a new promotion on micro-blogging network Twitter that it will provide customers a second unit for free with every purchase of the Lumia 530 on September 25th. If […]

Sep 5th, 2014, by in Latest news

Microsoft has confirmed that the Lumia 735, and Lumia 830 will be made available in the United States. But, the company hasn’t announced how soon it is planning to launch the handsets, and which carriers will be getting them. The company showcased three Windows Phones at the tradeshow IFA in Berlin yesterday. The Lumia 730 […]

Aug 28th, 2014, by in Latest news

The Nokia Lumia 530 is the first sub £100 device from Nokia which comes pre-loaded with Windows Phone 8.1. While it’s not on sale just yet, the device is available for pre-order from a number of retailers. The Lumia 530, being the successor to the Lumia 520 includes a 854 x 480 resolution display at […]

Aug 26th, 2014, by in Latest news

Previous reports mentioned the budget-friendly Lumia 530 would go on sale in the UK starting September 4th, but it seems a few UK retailers are already selling the SIM-free variant of the Lumia 530. Clove, Carphone Warehouse, and Unlocked-Mobiles have started selling the Lumia 530 in the UK, but the asking price is different for the trio. Unlocked-Mobiles is […]

Aug 19th, 2014, by in Latest news

Last month, Microsoft announced the Lumia 530, the successor to its Nokia Lumia 525 (which itself was the successor of the massively popular Nokia Lumia 520). The handset has now started to rollout at several places across the world including India. And now, the company has announced that the device will start shipping in the […]

Aug 12th, 2014, by in Latest news

Microsoft has launched the successor of the best-selling Windows Phone device, the Lumia 530, in Malaysia. The dual-SIM variant of the handset will go on sale from August 16th with a RM 355 (almost $110) price tag, and will hit retail in all color options, including green, orange, white, and dark grey. Not too long […]

Aug 6th, 2014, by in Latest news

Not too long ago, Nokia Lumia 530 went on sale in Vietnam, and it seems Ireland may be its next stop. Three and Vodafone Ireland have confirmed that Nokia Lumia 530 will be offered to customers in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, there’s no exact launch date available, nor its pricing, but it shouldn’t be more […]

Aug 2nd, 2014, by in Latest news

Newer doesn’t always mean better. Take the recently launched Lumia 530 for an example. The successor to the massively popular Lumia 520, the device doesn’t bring any significant improvements. What’s even worse is that the smartphone isn’t better than the last year’s Lumia 520. Much like the Lumia 520, the 530 sports a 5MP camera. But […]

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