How to configure IE9 tracking protection

One of the new features of the newly released browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer 9, is the ability to use a tracking ad blocker. Unlike Firefox, this feature is built in and you don't need a third party add-on.

Firefox 4 beats IE9 in first day download contest

According to Mozilla, Firefox 4 has been downloaded nearly 7 million times in the 24 hour period of its launch. Microsoft claims that its Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded 2.4 million times in 24 hours of its launch. So why was Firefox 4 downloaded more than IE9?

Did Microsoft use the "Firefox' keyword on Twitter to promote IE9?

This one is going to be classified as very interesting. When Twitter users were doing searches on Twitter for the term 'Firefox' were being led to a 'Promoted Tweet' featuring Internet Explorer 9. Did Microsoft have something to do with this or was it merely a coincidence?