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Dec 18th, 2015, by in Latest news

Traveling to new areas is both exciting and daunting all at the same time. Discovering new venues, attractions and sights to see is a wonderfully rewarding experience. Foursquare, a popular social app was built on this idea, by offering its users a huge database of recommendations and tips from other users, for restaurants, attractions and hidden […]

Dec 10th, 2014, by in Latest news

Swarm, the social sharing app from Foursquare, has gained an update on Windows Phone. Among the new additions and features is the ability for users to message one another using the emoji keyboard. Using an emoji keyboard, even mere illiteracy is no longer an obstacle to effective written communication. This will no doubt make the […]

Dec 10th, 2014, by in Latest news

Foursquare has rolled out an updated app for Windows 8.1, offering a visual refresh of the interface to match the new look given to the Windows Phone app. The update also adds several new features which are sure to please Foursquare users. “The new Foursquare for Windows 8.1 learns what you like and leads you […]

Nov 19th, 2014, by in Latest news

Foursquare now has two apps for Windows Phone and they are both great apps. Now that the check-ins have been separated into Swarm; the Foursquare app is focused on recommendations and tips. With the new 4.0 update Foursquare is a good example of a well-designed modern app on Windows Phone and the app is now […]

Nov 7th, 2014, by in Latest news

Foursquare Beta for Windows Phone has gotten a facelift and new design to improve its user experience. However, Facebook signup/login is still not working at this time. While this is a beta, mobile beta apps are generally stable and if you are looking for the newest features, we recommend giving the beta a chance (download […]

Aug 13th, 2014, by in Latest news

In May, the location-based social networking site, Foursquare split its experience into two apps — and launched Swarm on iOS and Android. Three months later, the company has launched the Swarm app on Windows Phone Store as well. Swarm aims to provide users a convenient way to stay in touch with friends, and keep up […]

Jul 24th, 2014, by in Latest news

Foursquare is a very happy companion to smartphones, providing users with a means of checking into places they visit. It’s all good fun — and there are often deal to be unlocked at key locations — but it’s all fairly solitary. This is what Swarm, Foursquare’s latest app, aims to change. It has been designed […]

Jul 22nd, 2014, by in Latest news

See that lead image above? You can soon add Windows Phone to the mix, alongside Android and iOS, as Foursquare is set to release it’s Swarm app for Microsoft’s mobile platform very soon. Revealed in a tweet recently, Foursquare mentioned that final touches are being made to the app and a release is imminent. For […]

Jun 26th, 2014, by in Latest news

Four of the biggest Windows Phone apps have received updates over the past twenty-four hours. If you happen to be a user of the Facebook Beta app, or the Pinterest Beta, Xbox One SmartGlass Beta, or Foursquare apps, head over to the Windows Phone Store! Unfortunately, no change log has been provided for any of […]

May 16th, 2014, by in Latest news

Recently, Path and Foursquare picked up an update which primarily focused on fixing bugs and issues which were creating problems for the users. Both app updates are available right now for Windows Phone 8! Starting with Foursquare, the app was bumped to, and fixed a number of bugs in the app. Among the most notable […]

Mar 30th, 2014, by in Latest news

If you happen to be a user of the GroupMe app or Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8, there are new updates awaiting your attention in the Windows Phone Store. Both updates are minor and add improvements along with bug fixes. GroupMe is a Microsoft app that give users the ability to communicate with their friends […]

Feb 5th, 2014, by in Latest news

The location-based social networking juggernaut, Foursquare, has received $15 million funding as a result of a partnership with Microsoft. This strategic alliance will help Foursquare turn itself into a sustainable business and which, in return, will contribute to Windows mobile apps and Bing search engine. The $15 million funding is a part of Foursquare’s previous […]

Nov 17th, 2013, by in Latest news

The popular Foursquare service updated their Windows Phone 8 app today, offering users a better app experience by squashing some bugs. Although the update is simply minor, we just cant say no to some lovely app updates. “Over 30 million people use Foursquare to to find out where friends and locals love to go. Don’t […]

Aug 28th, 2013, by in Latest news

Microsoft has revealed today that the brand new Foursquare app for Windows 8 is now available in the Windows Store. Not only is this app available, but it is exclusive to Windows 8 and is the first official app for large-screen devices. “At our Build developer conference at the end of June, Foursquare announced they […]

May 7th, 2013, by in Latest news

Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8

Yet another app update for Windows Phone 8! Microsoft has announced that the official Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8 has been updated to version 3, featuring speech and Live tile support.

“Foursquare helps you explore the world around you. Meet up with friends. Find places to go. Save money with Specials. Have fun exploring!” the app description reads.

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