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Dec 17th, 2015, by in Latest news

“B-roll” video is the supplementary footage that’s shot for a project and then later spliced into a final video production, often with voiceovers. Much b-roll footage is discarded, but all of it is shot for a reason–because the director thought that it captured something interesting that might contribute to the final piece. Microsoft released some […]

Nov 30th, 2015, by in Latest news

Microsoft announced that HoloLens is joining forces with AutoDesk Fusion 360 to find a better way for industrial designers, mechanical engineers and product developers to work together. The Microsoft HoloLens can help fast-track product focus by providing a better, more collaborative team communication experience. Autodesk Fusion 360 is a cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM design tool for […]

Nov 24th, 2015, by in Latest news

Time Magazine has a habit of picking the top 10 of all sorts of things each year, and, of course, that includes our favorite topic, technology. There are no prizes involved except bragging rights and some free publicity, but of course for companies that specialize in making innovative and effective products, those are enough incentive. This […]

Aug 4th, 2015, by in Latest news

Engineering is a field where laptops have ruled because tablets just haven’t been up to the demands of the industry. We previously told you about how Trlby Innovative, an industrial design and manufacturing business, is rolling out Surface Pro 3 tablets throughout the company. Today, Microsoft informs us that Coffman Engineers are following in their footsteps […]

Jul 2nd, 2015, by in Latest news

Over the past few months, we’ve been reporting on Microsoft Researchers, who have been receiving various acknowledgments for accomplishments achieved in their respective fields of work. Among the 2015 class of awarded Microsoft Researchers are, Johannes Kopf the Hyperlapse magician and Jeannette Wing and her work with computational thinking, just to name a few. Don […]

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