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Dec 5th, 2018, by in Latest news

The Xbox One exclusive game looks to be recieving a bit of unconventional marketing syngery as Dynamite Comics also has plans to release its Crackdown inspired mini-series comic.

Nov 7th, 2018, by in Latest news

In honor of the convention, the Inside Xbox series is dedicating two straight hours of live coverage of X018 across Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter this Saturday

Oct 28th, 2015, by in Latest news

There are plenty of Xbox One games to be excited about in 2015; Microsoft says that it has plans to release even more in 2016. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg noted more Xbox One games will see the light of day in 2016 than we saw come out in 2015. It wasn’t until the end of the 2015 that Xbox One […]

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