Microsoft Edge Canary gets the ability to rename browser windows

Microsoft edge canary gets the ability to rename browser windows - onmsft. Com - november 27, 2020

Microsoft is working on a new tab management feature that will let users set custom names for browser windows in Microsoft Edge. As noticed by Reddit user Leopeva-2, the experimental feature is not hidden behind any flag and should be available to all Edge Canary Insiders running the recent builds.

Microsoft Edge Canary gets a new Smart Copy option

Enable smart copy microsoft edge

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it’s working on a new Smart copy feature for its Edge browser. Sumit, a Windows Insider MVP, spotted the new option today on one of his PCs running the latest Canary build 88.0.705.0, and apparently, the feature is gradually rolling out to everyone.

Microsoft experiments with "startup boost" for Edge

Microsoft edge startup boost

Microsoft is experimenting with a new "Startup boost" feature in the Microsoft Edge Canary build that will speed up the browser's startup. The setting is currently available to a subset of Edge Canary users, and the company is planning to release it with Edge Build 88.

Microsoft Edge Canary can now sort Collections by date and name

Microsoft edge sort collections

The Collections feature for Microsoft Edge has just received a new update for anyone testing out the Microsoft Edge Canary channel. Microsoft has just added two new options in the Collection menu to sort Collections items by date and name (both in ascending or descending order).