Bing adds real-time Twitter feed

For those wanting to have real time Twitter updates when using Bing News, fear not, we finally have this neat little feature available for us to use.

Microsoft updates Bing for mobile browsers

For those that use Microsoft's Bing for Mobile browser service, you are in for a treat. Microsoft rolled out a few neat updates to its Bing for Mobile browser service which includes real-time public transportation updates for select cities and the inclusion of apps in results when searching on the iPhone.

Microsoft uses Japanese disaster to boost Bing

Microsoft committed probably one of its worst mistakes since Windows ME. Recently, Microsoft launched a Twitter campaign using the horrific disaster in Japan as a way to boost Bing. Eventually, Microsoft realized they screwed up by doing this and apologized by donating money. But was the damage already done?

Google: Bing stealing our signals

Todd Bishop: If the word were anywhere near pronounceable, this incident would be destined to be known as "hiybbprqag"-gate.

That's one of the search terms that Google used to catch Microsoft artificially tuning its Bing search engine to mimic the search giant's algorithm, according to the evidence laid out in an extensive piece published this morning by search guru Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land. Sullivan reports that Google manually tweaked its search engine to return illogical results for made-up search terms, then had some of its engineers search and click using Internet Explorer, with Suggested Sites and the Bing Toolbar enabled...