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Annual Shareholder Meeting

Nov 28th, 2018, by in Latest news

Microsoft is hosting its annual shareholder meeting as they officially close their fiscal year earnings.

Sep 19th, 2018, by in Latest news

Microsoft announced yesterday a quarterly dividend increase of $0.46 per share ahead of its annual shareholders meeting on November 28.

Nov 29th, 2017, by in Latest news

In a further push at their gaming division, CEO Satya Nadella revealed today that Microsoft is planning to expand it’s pursuit of $100 billion gaming industry

Sep 20th, 2017, by in Latest news

Microsoft announced some important changes to its board of directors yesterday, including the addition of Hugh Johnston, vice chairman and chief financial officer of PepsiCo.

Nov 16th, 2010, by in Latest news

Microsoft’s annual meeting of shareholders in Bellevue this morning was pretty much the standard routine this morning. The company’s nine-member board was reappointed and a lone shareholder proposal was rejected. CEO Steve Ballmer touted the company’s revenue and earnings over the past year. Shareholders complained about the company’s stagnant share price and pressed for a higher dividend. Ballmer talked about Microsoft’s product pipeline and finance chief Peter Klein noted that the company has returned more than $170 million to shareholders in the form of dividends and share buybacks over the past decade…

Nov 16th, 2010, by in Latest news

Speaking at Microsoft Corp.’s annual shareholder meeting today, Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballme

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