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Nov 8th, 2017, by in How-To

Now that the Xbox One X is finally here, you may need to look into whether or not you really need to buy a shiny, brand-new 4K TV. There have been a lot of terms thrown out there; 4K, High Dynamic Range (HDR), supersampling, and Xbox One X Enhanced. All those terms can make “just […]

Nov 2nd, 2017, by in Latest news

Here is a look at some of the 70 Xbox One X Enhanced, HDR, and 4K games you can expect when the console launches on November 7th.

Sep 1st, 2017, by in Latest news

The Xbox team has teamed up with the Samsung to make the company’s QLED 4K HDR TVs the official Xbox One X partner in the US.

Aug 24th, 2017, by in Latest news

The big thing to take away here is that the Xbox One X is actually living up to its marketing – namely about its ability to play these games at native 4K.

Jun 26th, 2017, by in Latest news

Microsoft confirmed that while its predecessors will be able to play 4K enabled games, only the Xbox One X will utilize the feature to its fullest potential.

Apr 6th, 2017, by in Latest news

Here are some of the highlights of from the laundry list of exclusives we have seen surface today about Project Scorpio

Sep 8th, 2016, by in Latest news

Nearly two months after Microsoft announced its new Xbox One S at E3 2016, Sony introduced yesterday a more powerful Playstation 4 Pro that will support both 4K TV sets and HDR.

Jul 1st, 2016, by in Latest news

Mike Ybarra has confirmed that the Xbox One S will upscale all games to 4K.

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