How to create a Start Button in Windows 8

Start Button in Windows 8

If you, like me, are using Windows 7 in your work environment but often find that you must use Remote Desktop to get to a Windows 8 or 2012 box, then you often are likely slowly dragging the mouse to find the Start button or the Charms menu so that you can reach the Modern UI. No longer. Here's a solution to help fix this problem.

Start8 1.09.3 (1.1 RC) released

Start8 brings the "Start" menu back to Windows 8. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available and has taken the Windows interface to a whole new level. Unfortunately, the preview did not come with a desktop feature that the world makes use of billions times a day, the "Start" menu.

So what's new in this build?

- Added new start button images

How to add a Shutdown and Reboot tile to your Windows 8 or Windows RT Start Screen

For most of us on Windows 8, we simply hit Win+C to bring up the Charms bar, hit Settings, then power, then we shut down our PC. But for those who are on a tablet device running Windows 8 or Windows RT, perhaps there's an easier way to shutdown or restart. Well, there is. If you want to create a shutdown and reboot tile in your Start Screen for easy access to these useful system commants, read along.