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90% of Microsoft customers in China using pirated software

So you are the President of China. You come to the United States to meet with the American President. Should be a good time, right? Instead, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer shows up to the meeting and begins claiming that 90% of Microsoft software used in China is pirated!

Keeping Windows Media Center in step with changes from your cable company

Pete Brown: We've been using Windows Media Center as our home’s main DVR for several years now. We have basic cable service, and over the past few months, my cable company has started to switch some of our channels from analog delivery over to their digital service.

This type of change has become more and more common for cable companies over the past year or so, as a quick search on (TGB), our community for Windows Media Center enthusiasts will show. What's more, there are a few different types of changes going on with cable providers, and people are turning to TGB to help keep their Windows Media Center PCs in step with the changes.

Here are some of the most common scenarios we're seeing, and some of the options you have for keeping your Windows Media Center PC in step with any changes your provider may be making...

Google CEO Eric Schmidt trash talks about Windows 7

During a question and answer session at the 25th anniversary celebration of MIT's legendary Media Lab, Google CEO Eric Schmidt made some negative comments about Microsoft's ever so popular operating system Windows 7.

Some computer definitions

Some definitions of computer terms from the genius Maddox.


Active X - This phrase is used to distinguish web sites with adult or pornographic content (hence the "X").