Universal Foldable Keyboard review: A $100 companion for your portable device

Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft

It's a tiny foldable keyboard that runs on Bluetooth and is compatible with a Windows, iOS, or Android device. It also costs $99.95. Let's take a look at it and see what this little device is all about.

Back in March of this year, Microsoft unveiled the Universal Foldable Keyboard, a thin ultra-portable keyboard that connects to your iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth. It can also connect to your Android and Windows devices (Windows Phone and Windows tablet). The keyboard features a matte finish and a magnetic closure that keeps the two parts together when not in use, conserving space and making it easy to carry around in your luggage.

It is your standard QWERTY keyboard, sans the number pad. There are keys at the top of the keyboard that allow you to have quick access to volume, media playback, search, lock, and more. The top-left of the device features a tiny but noticeable indicator light. There is also a Micro-USB charging port at the right side of the device.

"You can simultaneously pair it with virtually any two mobile devices -- an iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows tablets, and Windows Phone -- and then instantly switch between them with a single touch. Set up in a second -- just open it to turn it on and connect. Then you'll enjoy fast, comfortable typing on a full-sized keyboard. Power through emails, edit a proposal or instant message with friends. When you’re done, simply close it to turn it off and you're ready to go," Microsoft explains.

Typing on this keyboard did feel fast but I made several errors when typing a paragraph. This is due to the short amount of space between the keys, and it makes it harder to use when you are accustomed to a full-sized keyboard.

Portability is awesome with this keyboard, as you can easily fold it up and place it into your backpack or travel bag. I was able to connect the keyboard to several of my Windows devices, and an Android tablet without any issues. 

As mentioned above, the keyboard features a magnetic closure. When opened, the keyboard will fold back all the way in a 360 degree manner, so don't even attempt to use it on your lap. This keyboard is intended to be used on a hard surface.

Is it worth the $99 price tag? This is totally subjective and depends on what you prefer in a keyboard. If you want a tiny keyboard that doesn't take up much space in your bag and you are willing to dish out close to $100, then by all means purchase this device. I would rather pay half the price. Check out the keyboard on Microsoft's website.

Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft

Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft

Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft

Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft

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