Unboxing Dell’s XPS 13 3630 (Kaby Lake)

Posted by:Staff Writer

The XPS 13 got its newest revision a few months ago and we’re taking our first look. Not much has changed since the last revision, but the highlights are a slightly larger batter, new Kaby Lake based CPU and GPU and a new finish for the enclosure. Dell has also recently added an option for an integrated fingerprint sensor with full support for Windows Hello, though our review unit doesn’t have one to show off.

As for specs the XPS 13 can be configured with either a Core i5 or i7 CPU, between 4 and 16 GBs of LPDDR3 RAM, and between 128 and 512 GBs of SSD storage. The display can also be configured as 1080p non-touch or QHD+ with touch support. The configuration options are very similar to years past and it’s disappointing as ever to not have an option for a 1080p display with touch support. Windows 10 has excellent support for touch, even with non 2-in-1 devices and the 1080p display gives significantly better battery life than its higher resolution sibling.

We’ll be going into more detail soon with the XPS 13, so keep an eye out for the review when it drops. If there’s anything in particular you’re curious about, leave them in the comments below!