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M Player is lightweight, yet powerful, music player for Windows 10 Mobile

For most people, Groove Music works well for listening to one’s own music collection that some of us have built over the years. Yet, indie developers sometime offer us with choices that aim to offer an edge over the usual fare.

M Player is simple lightweight music player for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Sporting a clean and simple UI with intuitive navigation, the full-featured music player offers a few nifty features over other music players on Windows Store.

M Player is probably the only music player for Windows that supports sorting your music by folders under your music library. Millennials who’ve only used streaming music services might not get it, but for old-school folks like me this might be very important. A lot of us have carefully downloaded several gigs of music and sorted them in folders on our own whim and preference instead of relying on artist/album metadata as reflected in the app’s music library.

M Player
M Player

The navigation is seamless, and you can check out the current queue by just double tapping on the current song. The app also allows you to set theme color by your current mood. A latest update added timer support to the app allowing users to set a timer after which the app would pause playing music.

M Player is an interesting take on music player, and for most parts, it works well. A few performance issues and rough edges here and there are being taken care of with progressive updates, and you must give it a whirl. The free trial is fully functional, and not time-limited. If you want to support the developer, especially if the app works for you, you can choose to pay for the full version.

M Player
M Player
Developer: Ján Janušek
Price: $1.99

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