Long term review: Mozo back covers for the Lumia 950

Staff Writer

In addition to being a competent flagship smartphone with a stunning display and camera, the Lumia 950 has also proven to be a very aftermarket customization-friendly phone. This is thanks in large part due Mozo’s concerted efforts to produce accessories “designed for Microsoft Lumia”.

A few months ago, we unboxed and reviewed four of the epic leather back covers that replace the boring-by-comparison standard plastic back cover. While these pricey covers look and feel as expensive as they are, that façade of luxury fades dramatically if the accessories don’t last long. So how did the leather back covers for the Lumia 950 hold up after long term wear?

Pretty well.

With the brown leather cover, my biggest concern in terms of longevity was the unique white stitching. In my experience, these types of fabric stitching don’t hold up well against consistent daily use.

Mozo long term review Oliver photos 07

My worries proved unfounded, as the stitching retained its form quite well, and even the strange blemish I noticed in my unboxing still remained intact. My only complaint about the cover is that its suede-like material makes it a bit of a dust magnet.

Admittedly, the red leather cover was the one I used the most out of all of them. If you’re wondering why the red cover, I point you to the gold metal sides and rest my case. Visually, the cover remains unblemished. Structurally, however, it doesn’t seem to have fared as well.

Mozo long term review Oliver photos 03

When gripping the phone in certain ways, the cover will occasionally make a squeaking sound under stress. It’s also a bit hard to see in the photos, but there’s a bit of an indent that runs through the lower half of the cover.

I can’t say for sure whether that’s my fault or the cover’s, but thankfully the flaw doesn’t take away from the magnificence of the cover.

In my review of the white back cover, I’ve noted that there are some blemishes in certain extremities of the cover. Thankfully, during my tenure with the cover, those blemishes have not expanded. The white color, arguably the color most susceptible to signs of wear, remains as snow white as ever before.

Mozo long term review Oliver photos 10

To supplement my own findings, I enlisted the experiences of my esteemed colleague Kareem Anderson, who not only procured his own collection of back covers for his Lumia 950 but also kept the black one I reviewed earlier.

Kareem’s Take

White Mozo Case

I received my first case in white and used it for about two weeks. Surprisingly, with a brand new pair of dark blue jeans, the leather material on it held up quite nice. While there was a little jean-bleed, it was easy to wipe off and didn’t leave a long lasting stain or aberration. Aside from a few dings on the metallic sides, the case held up very well.

Black Mozo Case

Perhaps my most used case. I got this one next and have since, being going back ever so often to it. The subtle design of black on silver/black screen gives it a really subdued class. Doesn’t stand out, and with the iPhone and Galaxy moving away from the shiny metal rimmed cases, it drew a couple of eyes when out in public. Again, the leather material held up very well when pocketed with keys and change, showing little to no wither.

Mozo Lumia 950 Black 01

Brown Mozo Case

Mozo long term review Oliver photos 06

My second favorite case. I loved the break from white, gray, black and Rose Gold colored phones that this case gave me. Several times I was asked, what new “iPhone case” is that? Whatever the case, I used this one for a month straight. Now, there were some things I noticed while using it though. Where the phone usually gets hot when charging I noticed that the leather became darker. So around the left side from top to bottom, the phone looks like it got wet a bit. Nothing crazy, but definitely darker than the rest of the material. Scratches also show up much more prominently, as expected for the material. Where the black, white, and red used a dimpled leather surface, the brown leather is smooth, much more like suede, and like suede scratches and marks dig into the material and last longer. With this being used most often, the silver metal ridge also got dinged up a bit and the black underneath showed a little.


As always with any product, your mileage may vary. And while Kareem seems to have suffered from some maladies that I wasn’t affected by, the general consensus is that the Mozo back covers for the Lumia 950 are a high-quality product.

One thing in particular that is mirrored in both our experiences is the impression these cases leave. We have both received numerous compliments on our Lumia 950 phones. Note that I said “phones” and not “back covers”. This is an important distinction because one thing that many other case manufacturers don’t really get is that the accessory should compliment the phone, not define or shroud it.

Mozo carefully designed its covers to blend seamlessly into the phone, and the net result is that many of my friends and acquaintances have just assumed that Microsoft actually sells a gorgeous premium lipstick red flagship phone with gold metal sides.

And maybe that, in and of itself, isworth the price of admission.

You can buy the Mozo back covers for the Lumia 950 on Mozo’s website here.