Keep track of your life the old fashioned way with Ink Calendar for Windows 10

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Before the days of smartphones and tablets, folks once kept track of their month and day with an old fashioned calendar. Well, developer Joe Finney has come up with a way to combine old fashioned ways with modern ways. Indeed, he is the mind behind Ink Calendar for Windows 10, an app which combines the functionalities of Windows Ink into a Calendar, allowing you to keep track of things the old fashioned way.

The app is available in the Windows Store for $2.99, and there is a free trial option so you can try before you buy. Overall, it is pretty simplistic and features a clean and concise UI. Ink Calendar is also pretty fun to use with a Surface, allowing you to use the Surface Pen and mark up a digital calendar in the same way you would on a regular paper calendar.

Ink Calendar

By clicking on the hand or mouse icon in the UI, those without a touch screen device, or without a pen, can still use the app to mark up the calendar. As seen above, the inking UI borrows from Windows Ink, featuring the same icons and colors that one will find in the Windows Ink Workspace. This makes things pretty fun, as you can use various colors of ink to color code your calendar. There are also controls to zoom into the calendar, skip ahead to other months, and take you to the current day.

Interestingly, you can print your calendar out after inking on it, share the calendar, or save it as a .png file. There are also some special settings, which lets you choose your own background image for the calendar, set a light and dark theme, or add a margin to the bottom of the calendar for notes. When choosing a wallpaper, the UI is somewhat transparent, allowing you to see through to your image. It’s a nice touch, which makes your calendar even more personal.

Settings in Ink Calendar

At the end of the day, Ink Calendar is an awesome app which can help you keep track of your day, and your month. It features some awesome inking capabilities which make things traditional, and more personal than just typing things into a standard calendar app. You can find the download link for Ink Calendar below.

Ink Calendar
Ink Calendar
Developer: ‪JoeFinApps‬
Price: $9.99

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