Using the Tronsmart 33W Dual USB car and wall chargers with my Lumia 950

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As if reading my 2016 Christmas wishlist, Tronsmart, makers of smart home electronics and accessories, have supplied us with its very own chargers: a dual-USB 33W car charger and a dual-USB 33W wall charger, both featuring Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

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The dual-USB nature of both accessories is denoted by the two ports found in each accessory: one USB Type-C port, and a standard USB port, which can power any USB attached accessory. This dual port nature makes it extremely convenient to charge multiple devices at a time. Unfortunately, neither of the chargers comes with a Type-C to Type-C cable, which isn’t exactly a household item yet. Thankfully, Tronsmart provided me we just that.

The USB Type-C port is powered by (according to Tronsmart’s own materials) Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology, and is compatible with, among many other phones, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

The standard USB Type-A port is powered by what Tronsmart calls VoltIQ, a Tronsmart patented technology that it claims can smartly detect the right amount of juice to send to the device for the fastest charging time.

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The end result, in my experiences with both these chargers, is really fast charging for all my connected devices.

The car charger was most prominently tested with both my Lumia 950, and my friends’ iPhone devices. While I can’t fully account for how quickly their iPhones were charged (“quick” and an impressed nod was the best indicator they gave me), I can account for my Lumia 950, which charged a bit faster than my Anker charger, charging from about 10% to 82% in about 35 minutes.

Despite the similar specification, the wall charger was even faster, charging my Lumia 950 from about 10% to 89% in exactly 30 minutes. This was also while charging my 6th generation iPod Touch.

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In addition to the blindingly fast charge times, what really astounded me was the build quality of both these accessories. They both feature a hard, matte plastic with exceptionally solid constructions and easy to read labels. The car charger is remarkably portable for what it offers and is about the same size as my Anker despite featuring two ports. The wall charger features a folding connector, which has very tight, wobble-free tolerances and a solid feeling when opening or closing it.

My only complaint between both devices is that the wall charger is a bit long, giving it weight properties that make it hard to balance on outlets that have very loose holes.

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While I don’t have exceptionally high standards or expertise when it comes to chargers, I’m glad Tronsmart got in touch and gave me these samples, as they have already made my traffic and traveling life a bit more convenient. Now that I have chargers with dual ports, it’s hard to imagine going back to plugging two devices into two separate things for charging. Especially when sleeping over at a friend’s crowded house, needing to only steal one wall outlet for both my devices is a huge boon.

The Tronsmart car charger can be found on Amazon. So too can the wall charger here and the USB-C cables here.