Poll: You can only have one - Surface Laptop or Surface Pro?

A local sports jock here in Seattle often plays a game on the radio of "you can only have one," and with today's announcement of the Surface Pro, and the Surface Laptop revelation a few weeks ago, it seems a perfect time to pick up that game here with a new poll.

The Surface Laptop is thin, light, has great pen and touch support, gets 13 hrs + battery life, and either runs a slimmed down Windows 10 S with the ability to lock the device down to Windows Store apps, or Windows 10 Pro in all its Creators Update glory.

The Surface Pro (don't call it "5") carries similar specs but with the familiar Surface Pro form factor: detachable keyboard, adjustable back rest/hinge, and now the same great battery life with a new pen, a new keyboard, and upgraded specs (even including the promise of LTE!).

So, if you could only have one, which would it be? Surface Pro or Surface Laptop?


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