Poll: Microsoft is pushing gaming hard - are you a gamer?

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With Windows 10, Microsoft has made significant strides toward narrowing the gap between PC and console gaming, and to introduce video games to an ever larger market, through the power of PC marketing. Now, when you buy a new video game from Microsoft's first party studios, you can play it on PC and/or Xbox with Play Anywhere.

The Xbox console experience just keeps getting better, too, with limited 4K video support introduced last year with the mid-generation Xbox One S, and will continue to push boundaries with this holiday season's debut of the Xbox Project Scorpio.

So Microsoft is making a big deal about games and gaming, and rightly so, it's a multi-billion dollar industry. But are you a gamer? Do you fire up your Xbox at every opportunity, or switch from checking your mail to playing games on your PC? Do you limit your gaming experience to a few games of Subway Surfers on your phone, or do you rack up countless hours on your Xbox?

Let us know your gaming preferences by taking the poll below:

Of course, you may not fit neatly into one of the checkboxes above, so let us know how gaming fits into your life by leaving a comment, and stay tuned to OnMSFT.com for all the latest on Microsoft, including the latest on Xbox and gaming by following us on Twitter!

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