Poll: How should Microsoft move forward in mobile?

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Yesterday, Brad Sams posted on some further evidence that Microsoft is planning to re-enter the mobile hardware market at some point soon, working on at least one new device, and yet another revamp of the Microsoft mobile user experience. While we've heard rumblings of this new direction before, in connection with a new "C Shell" Windows user interface, Windows on ARM, and hints from Satya Nadella and others about pursuing a new category of mobile devices, the reports from yesterday are at least further clarification (such as it is) of a continued mobile strategy from the Redmond giant.

Now granted, trying to exist in this post-PC world without a mobile strategy is probably suicidal, and for all the mistakes in not jumping on hardware sooner that Steve Ballmer now regrets, Microsoft simply must do *something*.

But what, exactly? Can Microsoft, for all its lateness and lameness, really beat Apple and Google to the punch with the next big thing? Could they restart Windows 10 Mobile with new hardware and a new approach? Is a "Surface Phone" the answer?

What would you do to set strategy for Microsoft and mobile in the months and years to come? Take our poll below and play senior strategist:


Microsoft has, to put it bluntly, failed miserably so far in its attempts to compete with the likes of Apple and Android, and while another new reset may be its best chance for redemption, there's no telling that anything is going to work at this point. What do you think, can Microsoft win in mobile, and if so, how?

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