Poll: Do you use Microsoft Launcher in this post Windows Phone world?

Microsoft is reporting that its Microsoft Launcher, the Android launcher that can easily connect Microsoft services to Android phones in a nice clean interface, has reached one million active users and over 5 million downloads from the Google Play Store. Like many of you, I've somewhat reluctantly switched to Android, and I've been using Microsoft Launcher since its early Arrow Launcher beta days. While I still miss the Windows Phone UI, the launcher is full featured, and makes cobbling together a "Microsoft phone" in an Android world a bit easier.

If you've made the plunge into an app filled Android world, are you running Microsoft Launcher too? Take our poll below and let us know what you're using:

While Microsoft will only respond with a grinning "who knows?" to questions about its mobile plans, for now we're faced with a tough choice: hold on to our Windows phones for dear life, or abandon ship and try to make the best of it in an Android/iPhone world. Is Microsoft Launcher making the transition easier for you? Are you holding out for a "Surface Phone," or Andromeda or whatever? Or are you trying to make your way in a post Windows phone world? Let us know in the comments below.

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