A flagship Lumia 928 coming to Verizon, Windows Phone lovers can finally rejoice

Lumia 928 by Evleaks

It seems Nokia is finally spreading it's wings into Verizon's territory in a big way. We have been hearing rumors and seeing leaked photos for about a month now. However, we had no way of knowing if these leaks were legit. Now, we are hearing with people who are familiar with this deal that there is a variant of the Lumia 920 coming to Verizon.

Bing Maps now features new top of the world imagery and high-res satellite imagery


Microsoft has rolled out some new features to its Bing Maps service, now featuring new "top of the world" imagery as well as high-resolution satellite imagery. Microsoft's new satellite imagery (which covers 13,799,276 sq km) is powered by TerraColor and features a resolution of 15 meters per pixel, and basically gives you a view of the entire world!