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Samsung Galaxy Fold5 Hero

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review: The future of foldables held back by Android

Starting price: $1,800 With almost all of the new phones up for sale this Fall we were given a chance to review one of the biggest phones (in most regards) in the market with a loaner…

OWS Pro lifestyle image Custom

Oladance OWS Pro review: probably the best open-earbuds you can get right now

If you haven’t heard of Oladance, it’s a brand that is quickly making a name for itself. This newcomer has taken the open-ear earphones scene by storm, especially since Bose decided to discontinue its Sport open-earbuds…

Kjm K3 Projector Hero

KJM K3 Certified JBL & Netflix Projector Review: A crazy amazing entertainment deal

Starting at: $275 (early bird special) Since the pandemic, I’ve reevaluated the convenience of a traditional glass flat screen tv viewing experience versus the flexibility projector systems offer, and until recently the single prohibitive obstacle to…

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