Microsoft's 'Golden key' is more agenda than actuality - - February 27, 2017

Microsoft's 'Golden key' is more agenda than actuality

Fortunately, someone did a bit of fact-checking and discovered, while still, an issue regarding the security of Windows’ Boot Manager, the now infamous Microsoft Golden Key is more a confluence of reverse engineering and agenda than it is an actual reality.

The one security tool every Windows user should know about

Ed Bott: A new zero-day security hole in all versions of Windows is the subject of “targeted attacks,” Microsoft says. The flaw, according to Microsoft Security Advisory 2488013, occurs when an attacker exploits “the creation of uninitialized memory during a CSS function within Internet Explorer.” The result? “It is possible under certain conditions for the memory to be leveraged by an attacker using a specially crafted Web page to gain remote code execution.”