How-To: All about Bluetooth on Windows 10

How-to: all about bluetooth on windows 10 - onmsft. Com - october 17, 2018

With the performance and availability of wireless peripherals continuing to grow, Bluetooth is becoming an increasingly common feature on Windows PCs. Whereas it was once limited to a handful of laptops, Bluetooth's now a common sight on all Windows tablets ... Read more

How to set up a mobile hotspot on Windows 10

Mobile hotspots let you use the Internet while on the go without the risks of connecting to an open network. While most commonly associated with smartphones, you can create a mobile hotspot with any Wi-Fi enabled Windows 10 device. To ... Read more

How to sideload Windows 10 apps

The windows 10 logo on a blue background

Although the Windows Store is the usual place to source apps for Windows 10, it is possible to install new software from other sources. You can then run Universal Windows apps you've downloaded from the Internet or built yourself, without ... Read more