OnMSFT.com – What we use

OnMSFT.com started out (known then as WinBeta.org) as an ICQ channel back in 1998, and since then the site has run on a variety of platforms and technologies. Here’s what we’re currently using as of our latest update in early 2020.


OnMSFT runs Ubuntu 18.04 and Nginx on a single Azure VM with 4 cores and 32GB memory, with a 256GB Premium SSD for storage. We run a dedicated VM instead of an Azure web app to be able to host a MySQL server, as it’s actually a bit cheaper and allows for full control of the VM. We’ve installed Redis for object caching.


When we switched from WinBeta.org to OnMSFT.com, we also moved from Drupal to WordPress.org. In our latest theme update, we make extensive use of the Bootstrap 4 UI framework. We’re sticking currently with the “classic” WordPress editor instead of making the jump to Gutenberg. Some of the plugins we use include W3 Total Cache, WordPress Popular Posts, Advanced Custom Fields, and JetPack for WordPress.


We use Disqus for our commenting system, and host all of our comments on Disqus.

MS Fabric Core

Our latest theme, “OnMSFT 2020,” uses elements of “Fluent Design,” including color palette, iconography, and the use of box shadows. We’re using elements of MS Fabric Core to bring these elements into WordPress.

Modular approach

Along with the Bootstrap UI Framework, we’re using WordPress “template parts” to re-use code as much as possible.


OnMSFT is using W3 Total Cache, Redis object caching installed on the server, and Cloudflare for caching.

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