The Zune HD dies again, for the third time this week

It was just this week, that Microsoft had announced that they had killed the Zune HD, but then they changed their mind and said that the device wasn’t going anywhere. Then a few days later, Microsoft had again announced that the device is being killed off, for Microsoft to again say no it’s not. And guess what? The device is being killed again!

The Zune HD, the device that will not die, has it finally been killed?

We recently reported that the Zune Player was being dropped, for Microsoft to then turn around and say it’s not. The company did the same thing, a few days later. This time, they have yet again said they wish to drop the device, once and for all.

Now, the support page that was recently put up, then taken down has been put up again, stating that the device will no longer be developed. The Microsoft Store is showing the device as Out of Stock. Does this mean the device’s journey is ending, once and for all?

What do you think, do you want Microsoft to kill of the Zune HD? Leave your thoughts below!

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