Zomato app for Windows Phones updated with new payment options, Credits, and Promo Codes

Kareem Anderson

The Zomato app for Windows Phones has been on the platform for some time and gone through several revisions and updates during its time. From UI and UX design changes to expanding the code base to support the Universal Windows App platform, the location based food recommendation app has continued to evolve.

As the Windows team continues to work on its mobile platform, the Zomato app is gaining more features and its most recent update now includes payment options. According to the change log:

  • You can now pay your orders via net banking. We’ve also introduced Zomato Credits, where refunds and rewards go.
  • Support for Credit and Debit Cards are coming soon. In short, more reasons to not have to go to the ATM.
  • We’ve also added support for Promo codes, which can be used when ordering and paying online.

Adding payment options to its Windows Mobile app seems like a rather impressive feat as Microsoft has only hinted at developing an OS level payment option for Windows at the moment.

The app update is propagating through the Windows Store at the moment, so, be patience. Users should be searching and shopping through the Zomato app in no time.

Price: Free